Share your Spa experience with the one you love, your best friend or a family member. Whomever you choose to pair up with, we are sure it will be the best couples therapy you’ll ever receive. Enjoy quality time together before and after your treatment by relaxing in one of our serene gardens. Enjoy a cup of tea and get cozy on a plush day bed surrounded with the distant and tranquil sound of a waterfall. Once you think your experience can’t get any better. Retreat to our couple’s suite designed to promote harmony and allow the synchronicity and the healing connection to begin.



Double the Zen

Relaxation times 2! Enjoy our side by side couples Zen-tastic massage and get cozy in our couples suite designed to bring harmony and an over all feeling of “together-ness”. Enhance your experience with your choice of aromatherapy or a comforting foot scrub to help set “the mood”.  (Treatment enhancements are additional add on starting at $15 each.)

60-min — $220     90-min — $330

Thai for Two

This form of massage, traditionally performed by monks in Thailand, traces its roots to India over 2500 years ago. It is influenced by both Chinese and Indian healing arts and uses direct pressure and passive stretching techniques to remove blockages and provide balance of energy along specified pathways in the body. This therapeutic treatment is performed in the traditional manner on a mat to allow for maximum use of the practitioner’s body weight.

Add a warm Thai Herbal Poultice for maximum benefits. Take it home with you to re-steep and re-apply to each other for a more “steamy” and relaxing night. $18 per poultice.

60-min — $240     90-min — $360

All Willow Spa massages can be made into a Couples Massage. Click here for a list of our massages.

Body Treatments

Side By Side Polish

Nothing says “Let’s Get Close” than smooth and soft skin. Enjoy our side-by-side relaxing body polishes with many different scents that are suitable for both men and women. Choose from our Mango Polish, Café Coco Polish and Bourbon and Barley Polish. Let us help you exfoliate, hydrate, rejuvenate so your time can be spent on more important things. Wink!

75-min — $330