For Women and Men!

Skin Care Lines: All facials use products by the Eminence Organics line unless otherwise noted.

Organic Vital Greens Facial

All Skin Types. All skin needs a method to heal and reset and this organic facial will reveal your natural glow that brings together the finest fruits, vegetables and herbs of the season to deliver the most potent and active treatment around. Each facial is expertly customized for your specific skin needs to reveal noticeable, radiant, and youthful skin. Includes Mangosteen Lactic Acid peel, a proprietary blend of actives; gently resurfaces skin and refines pores for a more luminous, even, and youthful looking complexion.

60 min — $130

Clear Skin Remedy

A highly effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory facial to combat breakouts. This treatment achieves texture and pore refinement through a combination of a potent enzymes Salicylic Acid Peel followed by a healing and purifying masque. Perfectly tailored and customized for young adults as well as those suffering from adult acne. Complexion is clearer, pores are minimized and impurities and blockages are removed revealing brighter and revitalized skin.

60 min — $140   

Illuminate Facial

An Eminence exclusive Arctic Berry peel and Illuminating System. Skin is deeply and gently resurfaced using a a combination of flower acids, papaya enzyme, and lactic acid for impressive brightening. After skin is thoroughly exfoliated and activated it is then infused with a decadent concoction including botanical peptides + gardenia stem cells + antioxidant rich arctic berries for firming, repairing, and collagen induction.

The perfect all inclusive peel + peptide infusion when your skin needs deep cell regeneration and resurfacing – with zero down time. Skin is left smooth, firm, and incredibly luminous.

60 min — $150

Detox Facial

This stimulating deep cleansing facial will repair and rejuvenate delicate skin exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution, and other aging elements. Powerful exfoliators and a detoxifying peel opens pathways to deliver vitamins, antioxidants and peptides deep down, where active cell production takes place. An antioxidant mask and the powerful Microgreens Complex aids skin in regenerating and protects against free radicals. Nourish stressed skin and expect to leave looking healthier and more relaxed.

60 min — $140

Five Layer Facial

The secret to perfect skin is here! Improve skin clarity and texture with this powerhouse facial that utilizes five different layers of organic acids, enzymes and nutrients to infuse the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen and improve tone. The layering of multiple acids gives great results without any skin irritation, so there is no downtime to recover from this treatment. Skin is then infused with a wrinkle reducing masque, collagen boosting serum, and hydrating moisturizer to leave your skin glowing and refreshed!

60 min — $170

Gentlemen’s Organic Facial

A customized facial that targets men’s most common skin concerns, including age prevention, ingrown hairs, irritation from shaving, and stubborn blackheads.  Organic fruit acids, tea tree oil, and vitamin rich botanical serums are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate.  This super rejuvenating treatment ends with a tension-melting neck and shoulder massage making this an incredibly relaxing and balancing treat for men’s skin.  Treatment features Eminence products.

60 min — $140

Willow Essential Organic Facial

This organic facial will cover all the basics (cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate) to address the essential needs of your skin. Includes a custom-blended masque to nourish the skin and a relaxing facial massage for further revitalization. Products are custom selected for your skin. Enhance your results with recommended peels. (additional charges apply)

45 min — $105 

Teen Organic Facial

Our skilled estheticians will teach younger clients how to properly take care of their skin. The teen facial targets the specific needs of adolescence and includes double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a nourishing masque. Purifying high frequency treatment is included if needed. A great introduction to proper skin care.  Treatment features Eminence products.

45 min — $105

Let’s Go BACK

This deep cleansing treatment helps to revitalize irritated or acne prone skin on the client’s back. It includes extraction, specialized masque, massage, and a moisturizing treatment.

60-min — $140

Golden Glow Facial

Give your skin that amazing golden glow. This treatment combines a fully packed Eminence Organics facial that includes the “3X1™ Technology” of DiamondGlow™.Your esthetician will work with you to choose a customized serum that suits your skin concerns. This is accompanied by the full Myolift Facial that will leave your skin hydrated, younger, lifted, and glowing!

2 hours — $375

Ultra Glow Facial

Give your complexion the glow it craves with this facial and DiamondGlow™ combination treatment.  This facial includes the DiamondGlow™ skin-resurfacing device that uses “3X1™ Technology” to exfoliate the skin, extract impurities and infuse skin with Pro-Infusion Serum tailored to your skin concerns. All of this along with manual extractions and a customized masque will leave your skin brighter and radiant!

60 min — $250

Series of 3* — $675 ($225 each)

Series of 6* — $1200 ($200 each)

Mini Glow

A true glow-and-go treatment when working on specific results. The skin is cleansed and followed by the DiamondGlow™ skin-resurfacing treatment. Your skin will be brighter and hydrated. Not recommended for first time clients or clients that have not had a facial in over a month. Recommended every two to three weeks after the initial Ultra Glow Facial and then every three months once the desired results are achieved.

30 min — $150

Series of 3* — $375 ($125 each)

Series of 6* — $600 ($100 each)

DiamondGlow Add-On

Added to any facial — $120

Willow Myolift Facial

 Aging, it happens! Stress and environmental irritants can also cause skin to show early signs of aging even on the most youthful skin. This non-invasive ‘fitness’ facial helps to define facial contours, improve and lift skin tone and reduce wrinkles all without any downtime or pain. Myolift microcurrent is a very safe low voltage electrical current that sends soft gentle waves through the skin down to the facial muscles stimulating ATP production, collagen and elastin production and repairs damaged skin. This uplifting facial paired with anti-aging serums leave skin feeling refreshed, revitalized and with visibly more youthful results.

90 min — $260

60 min —  $170 (includes Myolift to eyes, mouth and jaw line only)

Willow Myolift Maintenance Series of 6

The Willow Myolift Facial is most beneficial when done as a series. A 45-min Willow Myolift Maintenance Facial performed once week for 6-10 weeks is recommended. Once your series is complete, a maintenance facial is recommended every 4 weeks to keep lasting results. Basic recommended home care must be used to ensure proper results.

Series of 6* — $600 ($100 each)

Single Myolift Maintenance facial, 45 min — $110 

Targeted Myolift

This express microcurrent facial enhancement targets the signs of aging around your eyes, mouth and jawline.

Added to any facial — $40

Terms and Conditions: *Treatments that are purchased as part of a series must be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart.

Advanced Treatments

DiamondGlow Boost

Give your complexion an extra boost of glow with the diamond tip resurfacing treatment.

Added to any facial — $120

Targeted Myolift

This express microcurrent facial enhancement targets the signs of aging around the eyes, mouth and jawline.

Added to any facial — $40


Mangosteen Lactic Acid Pro Peel

Provides a complete surface and pore-refining treatment by removing impurities and dead skin cells while minimizing pores and smoothing the look of skin.


Yam and Pumpkin Peel

The potent enzyme trio of pumpkin, papaya, pineapple work wonders when paired with glycolic acid to brighten & smooth texture, and stimulate collagen production. Great for all skin types.


Pro Salicylic Acid Peel 15%

This treatment targets pore congestion, rapidly removing blockages to help minimize the look of breakouts. Great for all skin types.


Blueberry Detox Firming Peel

The combination of raspberry juice, blackberry juice and pineapple extract is high in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin. Plus, lactic acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin’s texture.


Illuminating Peel

Dramatically refine and smooth your skin’s texture using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract. Our arctic berry enzyme exfoliant breaks down and removes dead skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed and new. A blend of four antioxidant-rich plants prevent the visible signs of aging, while essential vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids replenish the skin’s moisture and restore the appearance of elasticity.


Brow: $20+

Lip: $15+

Chin: $15+

Full Face: $60+

Bikini: $35+

Half Leg: $40+

Full Leg: $80+

Underarm: $30+

Half Arm: $25+

Full Arm: $50+

Back: $50+

Chest: $50+

Stomach (women): $20+

Stomach (men): $80+


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