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Willow Spa Intro

and step into a world of healing and relaxation.

Willow Spa is a Tropical Asian influenced Wellness Spa, offering personalized, effective and unique treatments not found elsewhere in Los Angeles. You will be transported to a tropical setting complete with exotic, fragrant flowers, the sound of running waterfalls, streams, and lantern lit stone walkways leading to plush day beds around a lush relaxing garden. The spa not only provides a unique, tranquil escape from the burdens of everyday life, but captures true holistic care, offering education and expert advice on health and well-being. You can be guided as much or little as you’d like along your path towards relaxation, and rejuvenation. Willow Spa’s first priority will always be to provide only the best quality treatments and staff for our clients and continue to be a model of peace and balance for ourselves and our community. We are so glad you are here to GET WILLOWIZED!

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Latest Posts from Our Blog

Recipe Friday – Rainbow Roll-Ups

These Rainbow Roll-Ups are a really easy and delicious way to eat more of the veggies that help you get clear, glowing skin. Plus, they are vegan, gluten free, and raw. We used beet hummus both for their color and to boost the protein in this dish. This dish is a great option when you are following a clean diet or, like us, trying to get more vegan dishes in your diet. The recipe that follows doesn’t have any “amounts” because it’s really up to you. The beet hummus is so delicious that we slathered on quite a bit! Just make sure not to stuff them so much that you can’t seal them shut! RAINBOW ROLL-UPS Ingredients: Nori sheets Bowl of warm water Sushi rolling mat (optional) For the filling: Carrots, cut into matchsticks Cucumbers, cut into matchsticks Sweet peppers, cut into matchsticks Avocado, thinly sliced Beet hummus Pea sprouts Instructions Prepare all fillings as directed above. Lay the first nori sheets out on a sushi rolling mat. Arrange a few long strips of cucumber, carrot, peppers, sprouts, avocado and hummus. Roll the nori sheet keeping the fillings inside. Once you reach the edge, apply some warm water to the edge […]

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Recipe Friday – Dragonfruit Lemonade

Happy Mother’s Day! Dragonfruit seems to be everywhere lately, but it’s still fairly new to us. Recently, we incorporated dragonfruit into a tropical fruit platter that we served at a private party at the spa. It reminded us of a sweet and tangy kiwi that paired well with the other tropical fruits; pineapple, kiwi and papaya. Since we had some of this cool looking fruit leftover, we thought we’d try adding it to our lemonade. As expected, the lemonade turned a bright pink! So pretty! It would make a great beverage to serve at Mother’s Day brunch! In addition to the interesting way dragonfruit looks. We found that it has some great skin benefits as well. Like most fruits, this fruit is high in antioxidants, which helps to fight free radicals. What is unique to this fruit is that the high seed content are a great source of healthy monosaturated fats, which help to keep your skin tighter and youthful. DRAGONFRUIT LEMONADE Ingredients Makes 2 quarts ½ dragonfruit cut into slices 2/3 cup freshly-squeezed lemon juice (approx 5 lemons) Water Sweetener of choice, to taste – liquid Stevia or liquid organic sugar works the best since they are clear to […]

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Recipe Friday – Refreshing Watermelon Margaritas

It’s been such a hectic week! We planned to share a Cinco de Mayo inspired Recipe Friday post, on Friday, but it’s now Sunday! Did you have fun celebrating? We sort of worked right through it! However, today, we were able to finally relax a bit and our Cinco de Mayo recipe was so refreshing and the perfect drink to relax with. We found this recipe on We rarely make alcoholic drinks! However, this looked so delicious and simple enough for us to try. We’re glad we made these and wanted to share the recipe with you too since these turned out to be so refreshing! Lately we have read about some possible benefits to drinking tequila. Mainly, tequila is a probiotic that can increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your intestines. For those with Colon issues, such as Crohn’s disease or colitis, tequila can also help form a protective barrier to protect drugs from breaking down in your stomach and to help medicine reach your colon. So having a drink with tequila now and then may actually have some health benefits. WATERMELON MARGARITA Ingredients 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) watermelon juice (from 1 small ripe watermelon*) 2 […]

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Recipe Friday – Pineapple Spring Rolls

Willow Spa is celebrating the pineapple this year and since the peak season for this sweet tropical fruit is in April and May, we decided to debut our new pineapple scrub and body mousse in the Spring Paradise Package. When applied topically, pineapple helps to exfoliate and soften skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, reduce blemishes and give you fresher and radiant skin. In addition to the treatment benefits, pineapple also has amazing benefits for your health. Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple is rich in the enzyme Bromelain, which helps to break down proteins. This helps to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints and the symptoms of Arthritis. Immune System Pineapple is the richest source of Vitamin C, which helps in pumping up the activity level of white blood cells. It also controls artery plaque build up, keeping heart attacks and diabetic heart diseases away. Pineapple also stops the formation of free radicals that attack the colon formation in cells leading to colon cancer. Cancer Prevention Pineapple is one of the best fruits, when it comes to the battle against Cancer. Pineapple has been directly linked to preventing cancers of Mouth, Throat and Breast. So, with pineapple on our minds this month, we […]

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