Popular Treatments

Relaxation and wellness is a journey that is defined differently by everyone. We know men enjoy their time at the spa just as much as women. This is why we have created a menu that caters to the specific needs of our male clients by providing treatments that create balance and well being in an environment that is both masculine, results orientated and comforting.

Each treatment of 60 min or longer includes a complimentary foot soak treatment and tea in the garden.

Master of Zen Massage

A spin-off of Willow Spa’s popular signature Zen-tastic Massage, the Master of Zen is a treatment tailored towards the specific health concerns of men. Be your own master of Zen and channel your inner strength. Enhance and strengthen your mind with clarity and your body with renewed power and vitality. This massage will leave you relaxed and energized.
Add the Master of Zen Aromatherapy for an added boost of energy.


Couple It Up

Spa for 2

Want to share your Spa experience with the one you love, your best friend or a family member? Whomever you choose to pair up with, we are sure it will be the best couples therapy you’ll ever receive. Enjoy quality time together before and after your treatment and if you choose, during your spa service too. We have couples suites designed to promote harmony and allow the healing connection to be more in sync. See our Spa for Two menu for additional couples treatments and info.

Bourbon and Barley Hydrating Scrub

Let your senses be intoxicated and your body drink up hydration with this highly relaxing and detoxifying scrub. Let your skin revel in this carefully mastered blend of barley, warm coconut oil and an earthy and mouth watering scent of Bourbon and Vanilla. Deeply hydrating and packed with antioxidants this scrub will leave your skin smooth, energized and hydrated. Did we mention intoxicating? Enjoy the boozy, sweet and masculine aroma of Bourbon without adding harmful toxins to your body. Fear not, the glorious Bourbon and Vanilla scent that will tantalize your senses is attained only with natural essential oils. Combined with the earthy scent of barley and hydrating coconut oil, your skin is in for a real treat!

Gentleman’s Organic Facial

A customized facial that targets men’s most common skin concerns, including age prevention, ingrown hairs, irritation from shaving, and stubborn blackheads. Organic fruit acids, tea tree oil, and vitamin rich botanical serums are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. This super rejuvenating treatment ends with a tension-melting neck and shoulder massage making this an incredibly relaxing and balancing treat for men’s skin. Treatment features the exclusive Eminence Organics products.