Whether you have a year to prepare or are walking down the aisle in a couple of hours, we can help. Preparing for your special day may keep you so busy you forget to take care of yourself. This can affect your health, your attitude, your skin and ultimately how you enjoy the wedding process.

We have outlined a month-to-month self care program to help you stay balanced and beautiful, including some tips for the “Last Minute Bride” looking for a quick beauty repair. Introduce this guide to your mother and wedding party if they share similar goals and concerns. And don’t worry; we have some tips for the groom as well!



A quick reference guide for brides on the fast track:


The most important thing to remember is that the person you are marrying today loves you and sees your beauty.


Breathe deeply and feel the ground beneath your feet. Being aware of your breath and your connection to the earth will help to keep you present and grounded.


If the wedding is in a few hours, be sure to eat well to help keep your body balanced -you don’t want to faint. Avoid salt and caffeine, as they will dehydrate you and possibly add unwanted stress to the day.

Hydrate your Body

If you haven’t already done so, start drinking at least 8oz. of water per day. By staying hydrated, your skin will look younger and your eyes won’t be puffy.


We suggest a relaxing massage to help balance the body and relieve any tension you may be feeling.


If you have more than a few days, schedule a facial and waxing. Willow Spa doesn’t recommend a facial the day of the event, but if you can’t help yourself, be sure it’s calming. Avoid anything aggressive and unfamiliar.


Don’t forget sunscreen if it’s an outdoor day!

Hydrate your Skin

Hydrate your skin directly with Eminence Organics’ Wild Plum Tonique for a healthy glow.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit: tissues, safety pins, bobby pins, breath mints, waterproof mascara, lipstick, pressed powder, shimmer powder and sunscreen. Ask a bridesmaid or your mother to carry this bag for you for emergency touch ups throughout the day and night.

Taking time to rest and paying attention to proper nutrition can fly out the window when you are busy. Yet these are important basics that will keep your immune system strong, your body balanced and your skin vibrant. A poor diet and lack of rest can dramatically affect your health, your skin and your attitude. Click through for our tips on what to consider in regard to self care before and after your wedding. These are great suggestions for the groom as well. If he is not interested at this time, you can get him involved closer to the day of the wedding.


Beauty starts from within, philosophically and physically. A detoxification program cleanses from within creating a healthy body and vibrant skin. Click for Details.


You are unique; honor your bodies’ individual needs. If interested in a fitness and nutrition routine to shed unwanted pounds you should start now. Do not cut out important nutrition, which can make your skin appear tired and stressed. Click for Details


Relaxation helps to boost your immune system. Whether you’re exhausted or raring to go, your organizational neurons have been firing at full speed and probably need a break. Take time to relax so your mind and body don’t take it in spite of you. Click for Details

Skin Care

No matter what “look” you have chosen for the big day, it all begins with clear, clean, rejuvenated skin. Whether you have perfect skin and are trying to keep it that way or have been battling with acne or scarring for years, now is the time to meet with an aesthetician to help define your personal goals, create your personalized skin care regime and learn how your skin reacts to waxing. You don’t want any big surprises right before the big day!

Skin Care

Your prior facial regimen has brought your skin to tip top shape. Maintain your home facial regimen and continue with your monthly facial: Keep your face hydrated. If you work in an air conditioned office, periodically spray your face with Wild Plum Tonique to keep your skin revived.

Body Care

If you haven’t experimented with Body Scrubs or polishes before now, we highly suggest you begin the process of preparing the look, feel and health of the skin that covers the rest of your body…especially if you are considering spray tanning. Click for Details for Body Scrubs/Polishes, Foot Scrubs, and Back Facials.


The Willow Enzyme Bath will help your body remove impurities and deeply calm the nervous system. Regular massage will also help the body remove toxins, relax tense muscles, balance energy and boost the immune system. These treatments will relax and detoxify the body and it will reflect on the vitality of your skin.

Shaping Brows

Put the tweezers down and go to a professional. Starting now will allow time to grow overly groomed brows and define the best shape for you. Continue regular maintenance every three weeks. This is a very important detail that can completely heighten your look in a very subtle way. At Willow Spa, an aesthetician will consult with you on your goals and pairing waxing with tweezing will sculpt the perfect accent for the shape of your eyes and face.

Groom Care

Grooming the Groom should begin now. Like yourself, each groom is unique, but we recommend at the very least that he consider a Men’s facial and Eye Brow Clean Up. We also highly recommend he try the Mango Body Polish and if needed the Back Facial. If he tells you that he doesn’t care how he looks, remind him that you care and so does his mother – but don’t fight about it!

Bridal Shower

Traditionally this is considered the final time for relaxation with friends and family just before the wedding. It was considered a day of support for the bride to help prepare her for the next phase of her life. Willow Spa offers a variety of party packages to help create the perfect celebration for the bride or as a gift for the bridal party. Bridal Shower or Bridal Party Options.

If he hasn’t gotten on board before now, be sure to entice your groom to join you at the spa for a relaxing massage at the very least. Your count down care begins now, so be sure to check in on these important points.

Couples Scrub and Massage

Down time as a couple during these hectic days is a great way to reconnect, decompress and remember why you both chose each other in the first place.

We provide a complimentary Foot Soak and Foot Massage in the garden with a woodsy cup of tea; your treatments can occur side by side in a couple’s room to complete this sweet retreat. Scrubs and Massage Menu

A calming touch can go a long way in the last few weeks before the wedding. Gently cradling your partner’s head while they are lying down with eyes closed is a very quick way to calm the body and quiet the mind. Take turns when you can’t get to the spa.


By this time your aesthetician should have you on the perfect schedule for your skin type. If you are just going in for your first facial, be sure to seek proper guidance and not do anything too drastic if you don’t know how your skin may react. Facial Menu


Waxing from head to toe is an option; know your growth patterns because waxing requires hair to be a certain length for best results.

Treat Your Eyes

Eminence Organics Bright Eyes Treatment Protocol is a 4-step program that will gently exfoliate, cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin that surrounds your eyes. This treatment can help with dark circles, puffy eyes, and lack of elasticity and fine lines. Best when done over a series of 3-4 weeks.

Remember to stay hydrated!

Puffy eyes can be caused by dehydration. Reduce your intake of caffeine and salt. Drink water!
You may be feeling a bit anxious at this point, do not panic! We recommend that you don’t opt for drastic changes or extreme treatments at this point, as you may not have a lot of time to handle regrets. Breathe deeply.


At the very least clean up eye brows, lip, and bikini lines. Be sure to consult with an aesthetician that you trust if you are considering special waxing to accommodate your dress or the skimpy bikini you are planning to wear on your honeymoon.


Make time for yourself or steal away with your betrothed. A massage is a great way to relieve stress, boost your immune system and help you stay balanced. Massage Menu, Complete Renewal Package

No Salt, No Fatty Foods, No Caffeine

Hydrate with water! Salt and caffeine will dehydrate you and possibly make you tense while fatty foods may tend to make you retain water and feel bloated.

Do not start a crash diet at this point, it will only weaken your body and reduce your energy. If you are truly the bride that can’t slow down, don’t forget your water bottle with Akatsuki Enzymes.

Trouble Sleeping

If you are having trouble sleeping, have some chamomile tea before bed. It will calm nerves and guide your body to rest naturally.

Spa Party for the Wedding Party

Looking for that special gift to say thank you (or I am so sorry) to your bridal party? There’s no better way to say thank you than by encouraging relaxation with a Willow Spa Gift Certificate. You can send them to the spa or create your own special private spa party at Willow Spa. This is always a hit and helps everyone relax before the big day.

Try to find humor in everything today and enjoy the excitement of all the last minute details. Be sure to eat and hydrate to stay balanced and focused. Breathe deeply!

Avoid Caffeine and Salty or Fatty Foods

Avoid caffeine and salty or fatty foods and make sure to drink lots of water. Alcohol consumption should be moderate; you don’t want to undo all your hard work with a hang over for your special day.

Calming Teas as Sleep Aid

If you are having trouble sleeping, have some chamomile tea before bed. It will calm nerves and guide your body to rest naturally. If sleep eluded you, freeze moistened green or white tea bags to put over your eyes the next day. The tannins will help reduce any puffiness.

Couple’s Massage

Couple’s massage for the bride and groom is a great way to calm and reconnect during this very busy time.

No matter which tips you choose to follow and which you choose to lose, the most important thing to focus on today is enjoying the moment and celebrating your love. Be present and feel this connection – your inner calm will shine through. Even if you trip down the aisle, let laughter pick you up!


Breathe deeply and feel the ground beneath your feet. Being aware of your breath and your connection to the earth will help to keep you present and grounded.


Eat a good breakfast to ensure proper energy to see you through the day. Avoid fatty foods and salty foods, as they will dehydrate you and possibly add unwanted stress to the day. Instead go for the carbs and lean protein for strong energy.

If the wedding is in a few hours, be sure to eat well to help keep your body balanced – you don’t want to faint.

Drink Plenty of Water

Try to drink 32 ounces of water in the eight hours leading up to the ceremony.

Relaxing Massage

Steal away for a relaxing massage to help ease wedding jitters and center and calm you. Calming from within will reflect in your skin tone and through your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than a radiant, balanced bride.