All of our massage techniques can be seen here. Below are our most popular massage techniques for Him! If you would like to share your spa experience with a companion in the same room please let us know when booking your appointment.

Master of Zen Massage

A spin-off of Willow Spa’s popular signature Zen-tastic Massage, the Master of Zen is a treatment tailored to the specific health concerns of men. Be your own master of zen and channel your inner strength. Enhance and strengthen your mind with clarity and your body with renewed power and vitality. This massage will leave you relaxed and energized. Add the Master of Zen aromatherapy for an added boost.

60-min — $106     90-min — $159     120-min — $212

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Our sports massage includes deep tissue massage to the entire body as well as targeting specific muscle groups that enhance the athlete’s performance or address rehabilitation after injury. Targeted muscle groups will receive active release techniques, active isometric stretching, cross friction massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and passive stretching. Arnica and Thai Tiger Balm are included in this treatment as needed.

60-min — $111    75 min — $138    90-min — $164    105-min — $191

Poultice add on recommended – $18

See our Athlete’s Choice Menu For Other Packages and Options

Thai Massage

This form of massage, traditionally performed by monks in Thailand, traces its roots to India over 2500 years ago. It is influenced by both Chinese and Indian healing arts and uses direct pressure and passive stretching techniques to remove blockages and provide balance of energy along specified pathways in the body. This therapeutic treatment is performed in the traditional manner on a mat to allow for maximum use of the practitioner’s body weight.

60-min — $106     90-min — $159     120-min — $212