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Willow Living and our 30-Day Water Challenge

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00October 12th, 2016|Food & Drink, Uncategorized, Well-Being|

HYDRATE WITH US! Hi there! It’s Jill and Coco here at Willow Spa! Today we’d like to invite you to join us in a 30 day water challenge. We all know drinking water is important for good health, but it can be very challenging to get enough water daily. In fact [...]

Recipe Friday – Vegan Ginger & Lemongrass Thai Soup

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00October 7th, 2016|Food & Drink, Uncategorized|

Soups are one of our favorite dishes. They are simple to make and cost effective for a large crowd or big family. We like to make double batches to make sure that we have enough for leftovers. As we are trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into our diet, we found that soups [...]

Recipe Friday – Sweet and Savory Spinach Salad with Figs & Butternut Squash

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 30th, 2016|Food & Drink|

Delicious and sweet, figs season is officially underway, so could not resist making this dish. Often figs are found in desserts, due to their natural sweetness, but this dish is a nice blend of sweet and savory. It was easy to make, but this yummy dish looks like it takes longer to prepare than it does, [...]

Wellness Shooter with Oregano Oil

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 28th, 2016|Uncategorized, Well-Being|

Oil of Oregano – The Natural Antibiotic A couple of years ago, after suffering with a really bad cold, one of the aestheticians asked if we ever used oregano oil as a natural antibiotic. She went on to say that even though she is in the profession of being in direct contact with so many [...]

Recipe Friday – Millet Burrito Bowl

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 23rd, 2016|Food & Drink|

Burrito bowls are so awesome! They are healthy, delicious, easy and fast to prepare. Today we are sharing a burrito bowl that has a few "new" ingredients for a little variety. With fall officially here, pumpkins will be showing up everywhere and one of our favorite snacks are pumpkin seeds. Added to a burrito [...]

Recipe Friday – Sweet Potato Toast

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 16th, 2016|Food & Drink, Uncategorized|

SWEET POTATO TOAST Have you been trying to stay away from breads or gluten but don't want to pay $5 for hard dry bread? Give this sweet potato toast a try. It's naturally gluten free & packed with vitamins and will start your morning off right! This is a whole new way of cooking [...]

Healthy Choices When Dining Out

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 14th, 2016|Food & Drink, Well-Being|

HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES WHEN DINING OUT We’ve all been there. We eat healthy at home and prepare all of our lunches for work and then, suddenly we find ourselves at a restaurant and we have no idea what to order. Remember, restaurants are in the business of selling you food and enticing your [...]

Recipe Friday – Chickpea, Barley & Zucchini Salad with Vegan Feta

2016-10-19T14:49:29-07:00September 9th, 2016|Food & Drink|

One of our favorite salads is the Chickpea, Barley and Zucchini Salad with Feta. The initial version of this recipe came a few years ago from It's one of those recipes that you can easily substitute the grains and herbs for whatever grains and herbs you have available, and the salad is still [...]

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