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Bridal Party Enhancements

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Personalize your bridal shower and make this a special and memorable day for you and your guests. When you choose to add a bridal party enhancement, each of your guests will receive a 15% discount certificate to use when they return to Willow Spa.

Fresh Orchid Leis

A lei is bestowed on another for many reasons – it can symbolize love, friendship, welcoming, affection, congratulations, union of marriage, health, and many other messages of peace. There is no age restriction to be a lei recipient. Today, a kiss on the cheek may also accompany the giving of lei. To place a lei correctly, it should fall equally on the chest and back, as opposed to being hung straight down from the neck. Tradition says that a lei recipient should not remove a lei while in the presence of the lei giver.

Single Strand Orchid Lei: $35/person

Double Strand Orchid Lei: $45/person

Note: We require 2 business days to have the leis made and available for your treatment.

Bridal Party Gift Favors

Your guests will each bring home a remembrance of your bridal shower at Willow Spa. Each gift bag includes a Willow Mist and a traditional i-ching coin in red envelope, which are auspicious gifts that wish blessing and good wishes of long life, prosperity and good health.


Just for the Bride

Make this a day she will remember, bestow on her a flower orchid lei and a bridal basket that includes her own soft pima cotton Willow Spa Lounge Wear and a balancing bottle of Willow Mist.

Single Strand Orchid Lei and Bridal Basket: $99

Double Strand Orchid Lei and Bridal Basket: $109

For the Bride and Groom

If you are hosting a Couple’s shower or Engagement Party we also offer a Bride and Groom basket that includes a Willow Mist and his and hers Willow Spa Lounge Wear as well as Orchid leis for her and a Kukui Nut Lei for him.

Couple’s Basket with Single Strand Orchid Lei and Kukui Nut Lei: $160

Couple’s Basket with Double Strand Orchid Lei and Kukui Nut Lei: $170