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Willow Enzyme Bath

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This deep heating treatment was originally developed in Japan for the athletes in the Olympics. It is a dry bath that consists of a combination of finely cut wood shavings, rice bran, and fruit and vegetable enzymes. Its purifying properties can assist your body up to five times its natural ability in detoxifying.
Upon your arrival at Willow Spa, you’ll be provided with specially designed loungewear and slippers. After dressing in the changing cabana your treatment begins, in one of our gardens, with a woodsy enzyme tea and Akatsuki Enzyme Drink that soothes the body and stimulates enzyme activity within.Your technician will now escort you to the Willow Enzyme Cabana where you will change into your bathing suit. You will then be guided into a private wooden tub and gently covered with a combination of finely cut wood shavings, rice bran, and fruit and vegetable enzymes. The natural activity of the enzymes breaks down the other ingredients to create a deep, penetrating, heat. While immersed in the Willow Enzyme Bath, your body’s muscles begin to relax, your circulation is increased and your skin is cleansed.The length of the time spent in the bath will differ with each person. Your technician will guide you through your treatment and will provide you with a lavender compress for your face and water to drink.
Note: The maximum amount of time allowed in the bath, as with any deep heating treatment, is 20 minutes. After your bath, your technician will assist you out of the bath to another area where the wood shavings are brushed and rinsed from your body. You will now be guided to the relaxation area for a Thai leg stretch.
The Willow Enzyme Bath has been voted Best Spa Bath in LA Magazine’s Best of LA, featured as an Editor’s Pick from Sunset Magazine and an Angeleno Magazine “top pick for spa experiences”. It was also a spotlight on USA Network’s “Character Road Trip”. Willow Spa has the only enzyme bath in Los Angeles.

Book your Willow Enzyme Bath today to experience this unique, revitalizing treatment!

The Benefits

  • Instantly relax from the soothing heat
  • Boost circulation
  • Detoxify the body
  • Improve mobility
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Ease tension and fatigue
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce injury
  • Calm nerves


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