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Athlete’s Menu

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The Athlete’s Spa Menu is geared toward helping you meet your specific goals.  We can help.  Be sure to let us know your specific needs in addressing your training so that we can better serve you. We also offer a rewards program for athletes. Click here to learn more.

Athlete’s Choice

Willow Enzyme Bath – 60 min
Sports Massage – 75 min

Start the day with the deep healing and releasing heat of the Willow Enzyme Bath followed directly with a Sports Massage.  This treatment targets specific areas of your body that require special attention.  The massage will combine healing Arnica, Thai Tiger Balm and the Thai Herbal Poultice to help detoxify and soothe aching muscles.

2hr 15min — $262

Willow Enzyme Bath + Athlete’s Stretch

Willow Enzyme Bath – 60 min
Athletic Stretch – 45 min

Our Willow Enzyme Bath is the only one of its kind in LA, a must for those of you who are serious about training.  This deep heating treatment was originally developed in Japan for the athletes in the Olympics. It is a dry bath that consists of a combination of finely cut wood shavings, rice bran, and fruit and vegetable enzymes. This deep heating treatment can boost your circulation, detoxify the body, improve mobility, relieve joint and muscle pain, ease tension and fatigue, and improve digestion.  It also helps to reduce injury and calm nerves.  The Enzyme bath is paired here with either your choice of the Athlete’s Foundation Stretch or the Athlete’s Summit Stretch. This extremely healing heat treatment opens the body and prepares muscles and joints to experience assisted stretching, release and pressure point work in a much deeper fashion.

1hr 45min — $190
Add Poultice: 1hr 45 min — $208

Sports Massage

Our sports massage includes deep tissue massage to the entire body as well as targeting specific muscle groups that enhance the athlete’s performance or address rehabilitation after injury.  Targeted muscle groups will receive active release techniques, active isometric stretching, cross friction massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and passive stretching.  Warming Arnica Oil and Thai Balm will be included in this treatment as needed.

1hr 15min — $139
1hr 45min — $196

Athlete’s Foundation Stretch

The Athlete’s Foundation Stretch will target Thai Massage, a combination of pressure point work and deep passive stretching to the base of the body.  This would include the buttocks, hips and lower extremity.

45 min — $85

Athlete’s Summit Stretch

The Athlete’s Summit Stretch will target Thai Massage, a combination of pressure point work and deep passive stretching, to the upper half of the body.  This would include the back, shoulder girdle and upper extremity.

45 min — $85

**Enzyme Bath in Athlete’s Spa Menu is bath only followed by sports massage or athlete’s stretch.